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The Grey Thread website has been set up by Kris Malowanski, a successful trader on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and Tron Markets since 2010. Kris and his team have worked hard to put together a collection of ethical, organic, fair trade and climate neutral clothing and accessories.

The t-shirts, sweatshirts and canvas bags are screen printed on material from the very best of ethical suppliers using environmentally friendly, organic ink from Permaset. The finished products are 100% organic, fair trade and either ultra low carbon or climate neutral. The materials for each product are sourced from specially-selected suppliers who provide the highest standards of organic, fair wear and environmentally friendly clothing. Each design starts of as a hand drawn image before being scanned into a computer. That scan is then turned into templates for the silkscreen process. The t-shirts, sweatshirts and handbags are then printed by hand using environmentally friendly, organic ink. The Harris Tweed bags, caps, waistcoats, gilets and accessories are made from 100% genuine upcycled Harris Tweed.

Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll get back to you in an instant!

    (+44) 7737 429 881


    12 Shawbury Grove, M33 4DF, Sale

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